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Laser Focused. Quality Content.

Brand Strategy + Content + Coach.



Imagine having a Brand Strategist + Copywriter + Biz Coach at your disposal for an entire day to create whatever you need so you can propel your business forward - overnight.


No email interruptions, no phone calls - just 100% complete devotion to YOU.


  • Need website copy?
  • Build out the course that’s been sitting in your head?
  • Some lead gen or the perfect quiz?
  • Or how about we whip up your next big launch?


We can do that.

Let's Work Together.

Are you still waiting for overwhelm to show itself out the door? 


Let's face it, overwhelm and procrastination have long overstayed their welcome. When you hire me for the day, we can create some ah-mazing content that will help attract more people and grow your business. 


I promise that for the day, I’m exclusively yours – just 100% devotion to getting what you need DONE!



  • Book Your Date

    Begin by scheduling your personal day. I'll provide you with some questions to answer and worksheets to complete in order to get ready.

  • Discovery Session

    Before the big day, we'll meet (via Zoom) for a 60-90 minute discovery session to outline your priorities. Understanding what you want is the key to success!

  • Create Genius

    From 8 to 4 MST we'll work to create what you need to get content and strategy! Brainstorming, writing and revisions all included!

Book Your Day!

Take the step to clarify your message and get great content that will wow your audience!


* Payment plans are available. 

** If you have a promo code, you can enter it when the payment link is sent.

Full Day: $2447

"Working with Linda is a pleasure. Linda helped The Lynn Sage Foundation refine our messaging as part of a website re-launch program, and we found the Story Brand Session tremendously constructive. I very much value Linda's judgement and perspective.

Laura Sage

The Lynn Sage Foundation

 "Linda  is bright, accessible, incisive, fun, highly skilled and open to a productive give and take relationship. She has done a splendid job of redefining my brand and substantially upping my social media game. The process from the start has been smooth and seamless. 

Nancy Pickard

Master Integrative Life Coach

How It Works

On a budget or looking to get a lot done quickly?

Day rates are a good way to go. 


By laser-focusing on your project, you get more in a shorter amount of time.


Here are some of the things we can do:

  • Clarify Your Message + 2 Website Pages

  • Outline Your Course + What You'll Teach + 2 to 5 Worksheets

  • Short Form Landing Page Copy + Email Funnel

  • Opt-In + Email Nurture Series

  • Re-Brand + StoryBrand Script + Home Page Content

Got Other Ideas? No Problem.

Before we ever begin, I'll listen to your needs, create a strategy and set realistic expectations for our day!


No copy or strategy task is too small!


With my basic strategy + content packages beginning at $3950, the Genius Day Rate at $2447 is perfect for anyone ready to rock some new content and strategy without compromising quality.


To get started, book your session today. Spaces are limited.


Not sure if this is for you? Let's talk - click here to schedule some time.


A little about me.

Using Words + Strategy to Help You Grow

  • Brand Strategist + Copywriter. As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, I help influencers sell their stuff by creating copy that gets people connected to you. 


  • Want a copywriter + strategist who's interested in you? I've been known to randomly text clients with ideas first thing in the morning and have a tiger-like commitment to capturing your unique voice. 


  • Taking your investment farther. Instead of wasting your marketing dollars, I'll make sure that every word counts to pull your audience in and gain trust!


  • I've worked with Life Coaches, Attorneys, IT Developers, Organizational Leaders, Art Consultants,  Nutritionists and more. If you want to make a difference, I'd love to work with you.


About Soul Genius Branding

Our belief is that you have to pull before you push. Using words and strategy to build your business over gimmicks, fads or overpriced marketing strategies.


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